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What are the advantages of vaulted gold?

Why should I buy vaulted gold instead of gold bars or gold coins which are handed out or delivered to me?

October 24, 2011

One Answer

  1. Trustable Gold Posted 

    Vaulted gold is physical gold which is professionally stored in high-security vaults on behalf of the investor. The main benefits of vaulted gold are:

    1. Safe storage by independent and accredited vault operators: Investors do not have to store the gold on their own
    2. Insurance: Compared to safe deposit boxes, trustworthy providers of vaulted gold insure the gold to the full amount
    3. Lower costs: Economies of scale enable lower premiums and cost-efficient storage
    4. Liquidity: Vaulted gold can be purchased and sold easily and fast

    Vaulted gold is also known as ‘allocated gold’ or ‘allocated gold accounts’.

    More information on vaulted gold and on different forms of gold investments.

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